Heating & cooling equipment and natural resources such as sun, wind, & water can interact once our environment is clearly defined.
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Building Green In Time For The Future
From the beginning of going into business in 1971 I have always worked by word of mouth - this has been my advertising.  I strongly believe that relationships between people is the objective in all we do.  I guide, create, consult in an effort to be part of the ongoing journey of human relationships.  As in marriage, problems arise and the manner in which we solve our problems defines the next stage of our relationship.  I look to build the relationship between you and me so what we create together emanates the sound harmony of ongoing purpose.
- Kurt Casper
New Homes:
With design-build capabilities we focus on energy efficiency.  Using ICFs (insulated concrete forms) we can help the owner achieve a very energy-wise home. 

Additions & Remodel:
We have extensive remodeling experience and look to help integrate new techologies with existing conditions.

A consulting service for the homeowner or business who wants to be their own contractor.  We will custom design the services you  need from site clearing to finished project.

We can supply help or train your people in building with ICF's and guide you through the whole process.

Services include:
  • evaluation of potential building site
  • setting up grading and road work
  • setting up and overseeing footings and foundation work
  • coordinating your subs
  • meeting with building department on permit issues and site visits
  • accounting, record keeping and mentoring for the project